As an Environmental Agency Accredited Polythene Recycling Company, NDC Polipak has years of experience in the recycling of polythene waste. At our West Midlands based facility we have an annual recycling capacity in excess of 10,000 mt.

Materials we buy

NDC are buyers of clean scrap polythene film. We buy production waste in baled and roll format, and post-industrial polythene grade 98/2 or better.

Our recycling facility is Environment Agency accredited and NDC Polipak is authorised to supply Packaging Recovery Notes (PRN’s) to companies who supply us their waste. This helps enable you to fulfil your responsibilities under the Producer Responsibility Regulations.

We guarantee reprocessing of all material purchased on our site and are able to provide Destruction Certificates. We convert all material into our range of award winning building films and rubble sacks.

To discuss how to maximise the value of your waste PE and be confident that you have a secure, responsible solution please contact our team.