NDC are proud to offer a range of high performance packaging films that are fully recycling compliant. Our films do not compromise on quality, strength or print finish.

As an Environmental Agency Accredited Polythene Recycling Company, NDC have years of experience gained in the recycling of polythene waste. At our West Midlands based facility we have an annual recycling capacity in excess of 10,000 mt.

The UK Government introduced a Plastic Tax effective from April 2022. As a result plastic packaging with less than 30% recycled content now attracts a tax of £200 per tonne.

NDC Polipak has a market leading position in the manufacture of 100% recycled building films. In conjunction we have over 10 years of experience in the use of recycled core material in multi-layer applications. Now we have launched a new generation of high performance packaging films with a minimum of 30% recycled content. These products are now in daily use in many applications delivering significant cost and environmental benefits.


TM is a high performance polythene film made from new generation super-tough resins. These films are ideal for down-gauging film weights, typically giving the same physical performance of films but using film gauges up to 15% thinner. Available in all bag, tube and SWS variants. Thanks to their outstanding seal ability they are ideal for high speed packaging and FFS lines .

TM contains 30% high quality recycled polythene in a multi-layer film with Polituff. The resultant product meets the proposed tax threshold exemption. Thanks to the Polituff skin has excellent puncture and tear resistance, and has all the high speed seal benefits of Polituff. Available in all bag, tube and SWS variants.

TM is a fully recyclable alternative for many common laminate films. Available as Polituff or Policycle variants the print is encapsulated in the film to provide excellent scratch resistance and depth of colours. Available in Matt, satin and gloss variants.

NDC Polipak Ltd strives to be a leader in environmental responsibility with an ongoing programme of waste reduction to minimise our impact upon the planet. Underwritten by a zero waste policy NDC develop sustainable recycling outlets for all waste outputs with a target of nil to landfill. Our local sourcing policy helps minimise CO2 footprint. In addition a proactive energy management plan reduces power consumption through the intelligent use of AC motors, LED lighting, low energy cooling systems and hybrid vehicles.