Dust Sheets


Made from lightweight polythene, our dust sheets come in a range of sizes. They are ideal for protecting floors and furniture during decorating and renovation work.

The lightweight construction makes it easy to drape over objects and use for quick jobs. Incredibly easy to wipe down they can be re-used or disposed of after use for convenience.


Mask and shield tape provides an all in one dust sheet protection system. Designed for protecting skirting boards, windows and flooring during decorating, this product incorporates a 16mm masking tape with a 500mm polythene sheet within a single handy dispenser unit. This product enables you to securely apply polythene sheeting to skirting boards and other applications before painting, ensuring better protection.

The product includes 33m of lightweight polythene dust sheet and masking tape and includes a stainless steel cutter on the dispenser for quick and accurate application.